• 5 Plants to Help You Chill the F*ck Out
    Herbs to Calm, Balance, and Restore Your Nervous System
  • Body Sovereignty and the Power of Knowing
    Understanding the Womb and our Sacred Cycle
  • Relationship Status: Hungry
    Eating is how we provide energy for our daily activities and nurture our bodies. It is something we must do to keep ourselves alive, so how come eating rituals and mindful practices surrounding food have strayed away? How come eating is so simple, yet so complicated? How can we create a healthy relationship with food?
  • SKIN
    Our bodies are our homes while we’re on this Earth. And we want to feel good and comfortable in our own skin. My skin definitely isn’t perfect, but it has come a really long way from where it’s been. I’ve always had acne. It usually clears up during the summer time and resurfaces during theContinue reading “SKIN”
  • The Divine Feminine
    Lessons from Me, My Mama, and Other Wise Women in My Life “Self care allows me to tap into my divine feminine energy. This energy is the force that connects mother nature and all souls. It is an interwoven essence that speaks to authentic power. Keyword; authentic power. As a woman, I am connected toContinue reading “The Divine Feminine”
  • Let’s Talk About Wellness: Alternative Medicine
    Mom’s Medicine Cabinet How Alternative medicine changed my life On a particularly ill-feeling day, my mother and I hopped on a train to New York City. We were to visit a Chinese herbalist on Canal Street. I’d never been to any type of Eastern doctor previously. Instead, I grew up on cold, stale waiting roomsContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Wellness: Alternative Medicine”