Best Friend Break Ups

There are no instructions on grieving the loss of the living. Some people just can’t be in your life anymore- for one reason or another. I’ve lost friends more times than I can count, meaning the whole nine yards- complete excommunication from the friend group. Each fall out varied; some I had people by myContinue reading “Best Friend Break Ups”

Heartbreak: A Lesson of Life

photo by Clutch Cabin Breakups won’t ever be easy. You’ll spend what feels like forever feeling empty, wondering if this was the way to go, how it might’ve ended up so broken. You’ll spend all that empty time missing the person and looking for distractions. And forget sleeping because you’ll spend late nights letting theirContinue reading “Heartbreak: A Lesson of Life”

Being a Child of Divorce

Divorce seems to be more and more common as time passes on. It’s something spoken by many, but the most complicated to wrap your head around. When I was growing up, some of my friend’s parents had already been divorced or separated, but now that I’m older, almost all of them are. I guess youContinue reading “Being a Child of Divorce”