I woke this morning to the sound of Rain
dripping on my bare body,
she had washed the curdled
blood from my wounds
and collected beneath me on
the dewy Earth.

And when Sun rose,
he dried my tears, and
kissed my cheeks,
illuminating me from within.

Then Wind came rushing past,
embracing me,
lifting me up.

And before I knew it, I was
back on my feet,
seedlings growing from my veins, tall,
as the maple trees that
came before me.



A nomad,
I chase the orange sun
past hundreds of stolen faces and
run heart first into
the constellation of yours.

you stand there letting my
easy eyes carry down your
sorry grin,
meeting me in the middle.

something ricochets off the
base of my spine.

Thousands, millions of
wildflowers spread,
like infectious ivy
across barren hills and fields.

Destined to keep moving,
but here we stay,
spending each day
painting memories onto petals, and
pinning them to the
pink cushions of our brains.


Where You Look Best

Nestled in white sheets,
your chest has made itself into a down pillow,
carefully caressing my crown.

And although you love curtain covered windows,
I couldn’t help but draw them
to watch daylight
shine down on
your glittering skin.

the painting of your bare figure
dancing on my white walls,
in soft orange light.

Sculpted arms,
delighted to meet an exposed waist.


Love Notes

I spent summers letting the sun crawl under my skin, spreading spores, until I turned into him.

Your laugh is starting to sound like a song.

I’ll love you without attachment…I’ll be here when you’re ready.

I miss you- I write it a thousand different ways, a thousand different times, in a thousand different places.

In the absence of you, I’ve found voids I thought only you could fill. But I’ve decided I would fill them instead…I’m happy and whole without you.

Call me when you’ve healed, when you’re happy, and have something good to tell me.

Share with me all the things I’ve missed.

I used to tell you how our hands fit together like puzzle pieces, molded with clay by the gods.

My heart was so full of you, I started looking for other places to put you.

You’re the first person I’ve met who oozes beauty. And by this, I mean, who radiates the love from within their soul. I feel it when I look at you.

Like vines, your words have tangled me up and flipped me head over heels.


Letters I Sent to the Sun

My Sun,
I’ve been traveling through the
Cosmos in pursuit of you,
Floating through the globes of eternity
Stopping clocks and
Diving into infinity.

My Sun,
Orion’s Belt has been singing
To me lately.
She speaks of you in high regard,
Reminding me of the abundance
Of your warm words,
Suggesting I cast my shadow on
Your core.

My Sun,
Our love affair has become
Too complex.
I can no longer settle for
Just one
Every solar year.

My Sun,
Waiting in the Milky Way is
And I am lusting to be
At your side
I watch her birth
Millions of lanterns
Each day, but
None as captivating as

My Sun,
When will our orbits cross
Your light beams are the
Only thing
My finest facets.

My Sun,
I think it’s time
for us to