• A Farewell Message
    commission by @alliphony on Instagram Hi all. I have an announcement to make- I won’t be blogging anymore. For a few months, before the start of 2021, I debated between two choices I gave myself in regards to the direction my blog would go in. The first was that I start being consistent with myContinue reading “A Farewell Message”
  • 5 Plants to Help You Chill the F*ck Out
    Herbs to Calm, Balance, and Restore Your Nervous System
  • Body Sovereignty and the Power of Knowing
    Understanding the Womb and our Sacred Cycle
  • Relationship Status: Hungry
    Eating is how we provide energy for our daily activities and nurture our bodies. It is something we must do to keep ourselves alive, so how come eating rituals and mindful practices surrounding food have strayed away? How come eating is so simple, yet so complicated? How can we create a healthy relationship with food?
  • 20 Years of Wisdom Unfolding
    20 Lessons to Take with You on Your Journey
  • It’s Just Hair
    Join me on my journey; cutting my hair, exploring beauty standards, rediscovering what being beautiful means, and rebuilding self-love.
  • SKIN
    Our bodies are our homes while we’re on this Earth. And we want to feel good and comfortable in our own skin. My skin definitely isn’t perfect, but it has come a really long way from where it’s been. I’ve always had acne. It usually clears up during the summer time and resurfaces during theContinue reading “SKIN”
  • Ode to Summer
    photo by XVNDER BLANK A Love Letter To Life I lay beside Rines Hill, a rock climbing spot that’s nestled in the woods about half a mile from the battered dirt road, somewhere in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. I’ve found my balance on a slanted rock, underneath a canopy of trees. I’m definitelyContinue reading “Ode to Summer”
  • Shifting Ground
    photo by Sonal Madhok I was driving around one day and noticed the car in front of me had a sticker on it that read, “Change? How’s that working out for you?” I don’t know about you, but I think that statement is terrifying. Yes, they are “just words,” but there is truth in thatContinue reading “Shifting Ground”
  • Why I Hike
    I’m sitting in the car, watching the trees blend together like a bunch of blurry pixels as the speed increases. The soft light of dawn is spilling in, stealing the remainder of the night, and coating everything in its golden hue. This is the only time you can look right at the sun and notContinue reading “Why I Hike”
  • On a Good Day
    photo by Lucas Feola Anxiety in My Head and Fear in My Bed Tuesday Morning Thoughts This morning, my eyes gazed up at the blank ceiling above me. I noticed each line between the panels and the little details- the specks of paint and tiny cracks making up the bigger picture. My body laid limpContinue reading “On a Good Day”
  • The Divine Feminine
    Lessons from Me, My Mama, and Other Wise Women in My Life “Self care allows me to tap into my divine feminine energy. This energy is the force that connects mother nature and all souls. It is an interwoven essence that speaks to authentic power. Keyword; authentic power. As a woman, I am connected toContinue reading “The Divine Feminine”
  • Phoenix Medicine
    Moving Forward from The Past and Knowing Who You Are Now You can come back from anything,the Phoenix rises from its ashes,burns its past in the wake and when it turns its head in fury to peek,nothing remains. The Phoenix is the opposite of its past,acknowledging the misfortunes and the blessings,but no longer exists inContinue reading “Phoenix Medicine”
  • Let’s Talk About Wellness: Alternative Medicine
    Mom’s Medicine Cabinet How Alternative medicine changed my life On a particularly ill-feeling day, my mother and I hopped on a train to New York City. We were to visit a Chinese herbalist on Canal Street. I’d never been to any type of Eastern doctor previously. Instead, I grew up on cold, stale waiting roomsContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Wellness: Alternative Medicine”
  • Shelter in Place
    Art by Clutch Cabin Staying Positive During Quarantine In high school, my global studies teacher would assign songs to his students. He’d play one of the tunes at the beginning of class and you’d have to guess if it was yours. On my day, there played a cheerful 90s jam from his computer speakers. IContinue reading “Shelter in Place”
  • 222 Growth Lessons
    It’s important that I let go of my fears in order to progress. I’m not sure if my worrying is just a side effect of anxiety or if it’s my brain’s general disposition, but it comes before everything. It’s over the fact that I’m getting nothing done in my creative life, although I write almostContinue reading “222 Growth Lessons”
  • Don’t Wake Me Up
    The summer between eighth grade and freshman year of high school marked a point of great change in my life. My parents had just recently gotten divorced. My self esteem was extremely low and I struggled with self image- I obsessed over having a ‘thigh gap’ and being thin. I’d count my calories and startedContinue reading “Don’t Wake Me Up”
  • Crying Over Spilled Milk
    photo by Clutch Cabin In September, I got into my first car accident. I wasn’t distracted when it happened, but it was my fault. I was coming out of a jughandle, looking into oncoming traffic, and smacked the bumper of the car in front of me. I tried to approach the owner of the vehicle,Continue reading “Crying Over Spilled Milk”
  • New Heights: Hiking the Alps
    Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is an extensive collection of trails through the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps. It runs around the base of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. In July of this past year, I thru-hiked 130 miles of rugged terrain, which included 30,000 feet in ascent. When my father first proposedContinue reading “New Heights: Hiking the Alps”
  • New Year, New Me?
    2018 was a major year for my growth. The end of the summer marked a point where I really started focusing on myself and what I enjoyed. I overcame previous fears and obstacles. I realized who I wanted to be around. I began an honest effort to change the parts of myself I dislike. MyContinue reading “New Year, New Me?”
  • Where I Am Right Now

    Lately, I’ve been letting everything move me. I mean, I’ve been letting music saturate my brain, sweep me up, and dance with me every time he plays. He has me engrossed in his thoughts and I lose my train of thought. This is letting go. This is my meditation. I’ve been letting the voices of the […]

  • Anxiety Diaries
    photo by Clutch Cabin Anxiety…She feels like a long lost friend now, a friend who I had distanced myself from. Our relationship wasn’t healthy and it was time to break ties. It’s almost hard to believe that just a year ago, she was making daily visits to my door, creeping her way in, attaching herselfContinue reading “Anxiety Diaries”