All the Things I Wish I Knew

I was originally going to make this post as a note to each of my previous lovers. It was going to be called All the Things I Wish I Said, but as I began to write, nothing worth saying came out. I realized that I had more lessons to myself and less words left unsaid because […]

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The Beauty of My Mother

•A Short Story• I was born exactly nine pounds, at 8:30am on a sunny Tuesday morning. My father watched as I was lifted from my mother’s swollen belly, observing the rosiest red cheeks you’ve ever seen. I had the widest eyes, eyes of the universe my mother told me. In them, held dreams of freedom […]

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Anxiety Diaries

•My Story and How I Overcame It• Anxiety…She feels like a long lost friend now, a friend who I had distanced myself from. Our relationship wasn’t healthy and it was time to break ties. It’s almost hard to believe that just a year ago, she was making daily visits to my door, creeping her way […]

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