Mental Health

  • How to Stress Less
    Many of us experience stress to some degree in our lives. For some, it’s small and almost unnoticeable. But for others, it can make life absolutely miserable. This post reveals some lifestyle changes and tips to reducing stress in your everyday life.
  • Stress Affects More Than Just Your Mind
    Why is chronic stress so harmful to your overall health? Find out the different ways stress impacts your body, from your cardiovascular system to your reproductive system!
  • It’s Just Hair
    Join me on my journey; cutting my hair, exploring beauty standards, rediscovering what being beautiful means, and rebuilding self-love.
  • On a Good Day
    photo by Lucas Feola Anxiety in My Head and Fear in My Bed Tuesday Morning Thoughts This morning, my eyes gazed up at the blank ceiling above me. I noticed each line between the panels and the little details- the specks of paint and tiny cracks making up the bigger picture. My body laid limpContinue reading “On a Good Day”
  • Shelter in Place
    Art by Clutch Cabin Staying Positive During Quarantine In high school, my global studies teacher would assign songs to his students. He’d play one of the tunes at the beginning of class and you’d have to guess if it was yours. On my day, there played a cheerful 90s jam from his computer speakers. IContinue reading “Shelter in Place”
  • Don’t Wake Me Up
    The summer between eighth grade and freshman year of high school marked a point of great change in my life. My parents had just recently gotten divorced. My self esteem was extremely low and I struggled with self image- I obsessed over having a ‘thigh gap’ and being thin. I’d count my calories and startedContinue reading “Don’t Wake Me Up”
  • Crying Over Spilled Milk
    photo by Clutch Cabin In September, I got into my first car accident. I wasn’t distracted when it happened, but it was my fault. I was coming out of a jughandle, looking into oncoming traffic, and smacked the bumper of the car in front of me. I tried to approach the owner of the vehicle,Continue reading “Crying Over Spilled Milk”
  • Pardon Me, I’m Blooming
    Growing is a part of life. And it doesn’t only happen after serious breaking points. It’s happening every day, fast or slow. It’s sitting right beside you awaiting acknowledgement. Being in a relationship or alone doesn’t prevent it. It’s a cycle in itself and it’s happening to each of us, we’re simply each in differentContinue reading “Pardon Me, I’m Blooming”
  • Anxiety Diaries
    photo by Clutch Cabin Anxiety…She feels like a long lost friend now, a friend who I had distanced myself from. Our relationship wasn’t healthy and it was time to break ties. It’s almost hard to believe that just a year ago, she was making daily visits to my door, creeping her way in, attaching herselfContinue reading “Anxiety Diaries”