Mental Health

  • How to Stress Less
    Many of us experience stress to some degree in our lives. For some, it’s small and almost unnoticeable. But for others, it can make life absolutely miserable. This post reveals some lifestyle changes and tips to reducing stress in your everyday life.
  • Stress Affects More Than Just Your Mind
    Why is chronic stress so harmful to your overall health? Find out the different ways stress impacts your body, from your cardiovascular system to your reproductive system!
  • On a Good Day
    photo by Lucas Feola Anxiety in My Head and Fear in My Bed Tuesday Morning Thoughts This morning, my eyes gazed up at the blank ceiling above me. I noticed each line between the panels and the little details- the specks of paint and tiny cracks making up the bigger picture. My body laid limpContinue reading “On a Good Day”
  • Phoenix Medicine
    Moving Forward from The Past and Knowing Who You Are Now You can come back from anything,the Phoenix rises from its ashes,burns its past in the wake and when it turns its head in fury to peek,nothing remains. The Phoenix is the opposite of its past,acknowledging the misfortunes and the blessings,but no longer exists inContinue reading “Phoenix Medicine”
  • Shelter in Place
    Art by Clutch Cabin Staying Positive During Quarantine In high school, my global studies teacher would assign songs to his students. He’d play one of the tunes at the beginning of class and you’d have to guess if it was yours. On my day, there played a cheerful 90s jam from his computer speakers. IContinue reading “Shelter in Place”