• A Farewell Message
    commission by @alliphony on Instagram Hi all. I have an announcement to make- I won’t be blogging anymore. For a few months, before the start of 2021, I debated between two choices I gave myself in regards to the direction my blog would go in. The first was that I start being consistent with myContinue reading “A Farewell Message”
  • 20 Years of Wisdom Unfolding
    20 Lessons to Take with You on Your Journey
  • Shifting Ground
    photo by Sonal Madhok I was driving around one day and noticed the car in front of me had a sticker on it that read, “Change? How’s that working out for you?” I don’t know about you, but I think that statement is terrifying. Yes, they are “just words,” but there is truth in thatContinue reading “Shifting Ground”
  • Phoenix Medicine
    Moving Forward from The Past and Knowing Who You Are Now You can come back from anything,the Phoenix rises from its ashes,burns its past in the wake and when it turns its head in fury to peek,nothing remains. The Phoenix is the opposite of its past,acknowledging the misfortunes and the blessings,but no longer exists inContinue reading “Phoenix Medicine”
  • 222 Growth Lessons
    It’s important that I let go of my fears in order to progress. I’m not sure if my worrying is just a side effect of anxiety or if it’s my brain’s general disposition, but it comes before everything. It’s over the fact that I’m getting nothing done in my creative life, although I write almostContinue reading “222 Growth Lessons”
  • New Year, New Me?
    2018 was a major year for my growth. The end of the summer marked a point where I really started focusing on myself and what I enjoyed. I overcame previous fears and obstacles. I realized who I wanted to be around. I began an honest effort to change the parts of myself I dislike. MyContinue reading “New Year, New Me?”
  • Where I Am Right Now

    Lately, I’ve been letting everything move me. I mean, I’ve been letting music saturate my brain, sweep me up, and dance with me every time he plays. He has me engrossed in his thoughts and I lose my train of thought. This is letting go. This is my meditation. I’ve been letting the voices of the […]