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  • The Divine Feminine
    Lessons from Me, My Mama, and Other Wise Women in My Life “Self care allows me to tap into my divine feminine energy. This energy is the force that connects mother nature and all souls. It is an interwoven essence that speaks to authentic power. Keyword; authentic power. As a woman, I am connected toContinue reading “The Divine Feminine”
  • First Impressions
    Art by Clutch Cabin Inside the creative mind The drive that makes itself known at some point in life is not just a simple energy. It is the surge of legacy rippling through and unintentionally changing. Whatever path we were on yields a new direction. We may try to neglect that part of ourselves orContinue reading “First Impressions”
  • Intro to: First Impressions
    via @issosonal Growth, culture, and creative fire written by sonal madhok and cowritten/edited by visionary orchid Sonal Madhok is an ethereal soul, bursting at the seams with light. I accredit her for opening me up to a greater healing world than the one I created on my own. She instills positivity and love into theContinue reading “Intro to: First Impressions”

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