I believe that misunderstanding and confusion are the root of hatred. And I also believe that everyone you come in contact with just wants to be understood, to have a voice. If more people made an effort to understand, there would be less confusion and less hate. This could be the bridge to a more peaceful, loving environment.

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to create an understanding between different people. I dreamt of writing about all the people I’d meet, their stories and struggles. I wanted to get the word out, but was unsure of how to reach anyone.

Visionary Orchid was created as a safe place to show people different perceptions, how life is different for everyone. It’s to lead people into themselves. It’s for people seeking advice and support. By sharing experiences, this blog can show you that there is someone out there feeling/going through the same struggle. If you’re looking for advice on self-care, support through mental journeys, ways out, or paths to creating a healthier lifestyle, this is the perfect place.

As the writer of this blog, I feel willing and open to sharing my story. I grew up in a two-parent household, with my brother. From the outside, it may have looked very beautiful and easy. On the inside, most things were disordered and unstable. I watched my family members argue and yell. When I was thirteen, my parents divorced, leaving my brother and I confused and uncertain. I self-harmed from eighth grade to the end of my junior year in high school. I suffered from anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. The “loss of control” feeling is all too familiar to me and I’m here to tell you that it is going to be okay. Improvements do not happen overnight and healing is ugly. Everything takes time and just because it does, doesn’t mean it will not happen at all. I am a young woman, owning her sh*t and growing into herself.

I welcome all kinds to this blog. Self Love is the goal and from here, we take step one.

LA., Creator of Visionary Orchid