Visionary Orchid is a mode of healing for myself, a place to speak my truth and give myself a voice even when I feel like I don’t have one. It helps to open myself up. I use this space to safely visit trauma- whether that be past or present. Free of judgement. And regardless of how many listeners or readers, it helps me feel less alone. It helps me feel like I am heard. And each time I post, I do it in hopes that I will reach someone- make them feel like they have someone who can comprehend whatever they’re going through.

I use storytelling to help the reader envision what I’ve been through. To help create an understanding of it and to sort of entertain. My stories aren’t short. In fact they are most often longer than five minute reads- unlike typical blogs. And require attention and focus. Some are very painful to tell. Others are light. But all serve a purpose and have a bigger picture.

I want to cultivate a loving, healing space in which we can all share. To not only tell my own stories, but also those of others- to unite us all. I invite you to take a good look at yourself, to do some soul searching, and unpack your baggage. This place is to help open your eyes. Here, I invite you to explore the worlds of self-help; ways out, paths to a healthier lifestyle, travel, alternative medicine, etc.

I not only consider myself a writer, but a multifaceted creator. And as the creator of this blog, I feel willing and open to share my journey. And I do it in pieces in each post. I’ve struggled a lot and still do, but improvements do not happen overnight. Healing can be ugly. Everything takes time. As I move forward, I get closer to myself and become even more whole than I was before. Thank you for letting me share my life and thoughts with you.