I created this blog in late 2018. It started with a post about anxiety, and in that post, I was real and vulnerable- more than I’d ever been before. Though that was scary, it was incredibly healing and opening. Soon after, Visionary Orchid became a virtual journal where I got to explore myself and my growth. It was a place I did not have to fear myself, my thoughts, my feelings, or my past. It was the one place I could be 100% me without judgement. That was empowering. It still is.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing at first. The only intention I had was that by posting, I’d help other people feel less alone in what they’ve gone through (or are going through). I came in with a lot of baggage. I was hurting and had been through a lot- I just wanted to share. I’d held it in for all too long. And though I came here for something bigger than myself, it ended up being one of my greatest lessons. Visionary Orchid has taught me not to be afraid to open up, to not look away from my healing, but be accepting of it. My voice no longer needed to be silenced. I could be free.

I’ve battled with my mental and physical health for years. And in that, I found deep healing. This journey is long and hard. It breaks my heart, but also mends it as well. The fight feels never-ending, but reaps so many benefits. I have discovered that life is much more beautiful than I ever imagined.

In this space, I share my journey with my mental health and well-being. I share all the bits and pieces of my wellness journey and the information I’ve picked up along the way.

Self-care is more than just face masks and green smoothies. It’s personal. It’s the little parts of life. It’s letting yourself sleep an extra hour. It’s talking to your organs and telling them you love them. It’s nurturing yourself with good food. It’s taking yourself outside to commune with the trees. It can be ugly, but at the same time beautiful. It can be messy, yet so perfect.

I use storytelling to help the reader envision what I’ve went through and also entertain. My stories aren’t short. In fact, they are most often longer than five minute reads- unlike typical blogs. They require attention, focus, and care. Some of them are painful to tell, which may make it hard to listen. Others are light, fun, and exciting. All serve a purpose and have a greater lesson attached.

I want to cultivate a loving, healing space in which we can all share. To not only tell my own stories, but also those of others- to unite us all. I invite you to take a good look at yourself, to do some soul searching, and unpack your baggage. This place is to help open your eyes. Here, I invite you to explore the worlds of self-help; ways out and paths to a healthier lifestyle.

I not only consider myself a writer, but a multifaceted creator. And as the creator of this blog, I feel willing and open to share my journey. And I do it in pieces in each post. I’ve struggled a lot, but improvements do not happen overnight. Healing can be ugly. Everything takes time. As I move forward, I get closer to myself and become even more whole than I was before. Thank you for letting me share my life and thoughts with you.



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