First Impressions

kristin middleton

Kristin Middleton reminds me of a character in a book. Her soft features and quirky personality blend so easily with a tender heart. She’s witty and sincere- dependable and trustworthy. She’s a member of the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council and was always very welcoming when shows were held there. She is studious when it comes to her work, learning attentively, and a member of Ani Art Academy. And even tutors a bit on the side. The things she sets eyes on continuously turn into affectionate portraits in the dreamworld’s eye.

Kristin grew up in Monmouth County, NJ and has lived there the majority of her life. New Jersey is a compact state, with a beautiful coastline, and contains many cultural epicenters- which impacted the way she perceives things. “I am definitely grateful for those early museum trips.” And when you grow up close to the ocean, you gain this immense love for the waves, the sun, and sand. You feel close to the water element as a whole. As she remarked, she had an early fascination with sea life. And once upon a time, mentioned she felt her spirit animal would be a koi fish. There is such a magic about them- their grace, colorful, sparkling bodies moving slowly in gentle ponds, seemingly embodying godly spirit and flow.

She is a painter, illustrator, and comic artist. Her works consist of watercolor ink and charcoal, though at the current moment she’s exploring oil paints. She describes her pieces as enigmatic. They exist in a mystical, fantasy world, but in a way that all seems very real. Much of it is characterized by gentle strokes and light-hued colors. And she is equally as gifted at creating truthful portraits of herself and other people. Her agenda with it all is to corrupt the youth and inspire religious ecstasy. For those who don’t know exactly what ‘religious ecstasy’ means, by definition, an altered state of consciousness, with minimal outside awareness, and increased internal and spiritual awareness, often accompanied by visions or euphoria.

Her artistic missions usually start with sketches around a central idea, then builds them up over time. “Some things come naturally and others are methodical and an exercise of will to compete.” Once you start moving forward with it, it’s good to keep on track, so you don’t fall out of the stream. And even before you can do that, you must accept that things won’t always come out exactly how they are in your head. Sometimes we prevent ourselves from ever getting on with a project because we get frustrated. “Letting go of imagined perfect possibilities for the real outcome of a piece is sometimes a struggle.”

Instagram: @kristin.e.mid

6 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I have read each one – captivated by the words and lessons.

    You have truly captured each artist in their entirety.

    Thank you for this insight.

    Love your beautiful soul.


  2. Wow Lia you have put into words the true essence of Julia’s beautiful spirit. I can’t thank you enough for your very deep understanding of her soul. Your a gifted writer.


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