First Impressions

the god disk

Christian Gabriel is a creator and lover of many things; philosophy, poetry, film, performance, tarot, magic, etc.. He is entirely passionate- with a life devoted to the eternal formation of the new mixed with old ideologies. He’s hard to forget and often described as wise. Think of him as a wizard! I remember in our high school algebra class, he was doing everyone’s tarot cards. He is frank and sincere- cut and dry but also a shoulder to cry on. And he vocalizes his firm beliefs and opinions. Count on him for a good argument. He’ll make you think.

He’s a life long resident of Atlantic Highlands, NJ and is proud to call it home. It’s Victorian castles and antique feel bring together a sort of familiarity. Even the magnolia trees that shed at the end of every cycle and cover the sidewalks with delicate blush petals have voices of their own. “There has always been a profound comfort in this town. My work, though strange, is deeply in love with the land here- the woods, the beaches, the stones.” He has always been one to work with people native to the area and get his foot in the door. His presence is known in the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council. 

The face of Meme Analysis aims to influence people. This is not in a fake, surface-level way. He doesn’t want his work to be looked at or thought of as ‘aesthetically pleasing’. Sometimes things are ugly or crude, but they are honest. He wants to change the minds of many- for people to think of his craft months after they’re exposed to it.

His heart and soul are collected in his creations. He shares a deeper side of his mind. “I wait for my unconscious to pick a direction and I follow it without hesitation.” Knowing and honoring your gift, as it is destiny. And most of what he considers his best work was completed in one day. Then again, “This is a sing of my childishness as an artist. I lack the discipline for artistic longevity.” Time changes things without a doubt and we are still figuring it out, especially as we discover our abilities and techniques. We learn and are able to latch on for greater works.

Christian often feels shame when he builds up ideas that never occur. “The people close to me are used to hearing glorious plans, but they are empty words, sweet nothings.” And he feels like even when he does create something grand, it doesn’t get enough publicity or traction. Or at least as much as he’d like. Creatives double as dreamers and are often deemed as starry-eyed. We talk a lot…about all the things that we can bring to life and how beautiful everything could be. We are often afraid we won’t amount to anything. It is impossible for us to birth EVERYTHING. in our heads. Trust me, there’s a lot. But that’s also the fun part, fantasizing and imagining the possibilities while working on what we can.

Instagram: @thegoddisk
Youtube: @memeanalysis

6 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I have read each one – captivated by the words and lessons.

    You have truly captured each artist in their entirety.

    Thank you for this insight.

    Love your beautiful soul.


  2. Wow Lia you have put into words the true essence of Julia’s beautiful spirit. I can’t thank you enough for your very deep understanding of her soul. Your a gifted writer.


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